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The studio

ChromeLight-Studio was born in the minds a very long time ago, when two longtime friends realized that they had a common passion: 3D computer graphics...

One of these friends heading for the sale; the other to dive into a profession which at that time did not yet bear the name of Computer Graphics.

Since 2010, ChromeLight-Studio has been creating illustrations, videos and interactive content  for many players in the region and in France.


Sales manager

Prosper Groux

"With an experience of twenty years in the commercial field, I have a taste for beautiful images, and I have always been passionate about 3D.

With ChromeLight-Studio, I can put my skills at the service of computer graphics."

Claudio Gallego

Production manager

"Passed through all the statutes in force in France, from employee (Studio Esquisse) to company director (Naxos Images), passing by Intermittent  entertainment (Duboi, Casterman) and freelance (Athom),  I divide my time between 3D production and its teaching (co-founder of Pôle 3D in Roubaix, Anim3D section coordinator at MJM Lille)"

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